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12 Eye-Catching Toilet Signage Design Found On The Internet

A stick figure in a triangle skirt for female, and a stick figure for male. That’s just what a basic toilet signage design would look like. Can’t we get more creative than this? 

Of course we can! Let’s look at these eye-catching toilet signage that we have found all over the internet. Perhaps you are looking for an inspiration for your business? Or one for your house?

No matter the reason, let’s begin!

12 Creative Toilet Signage Design

toilet signage design

It really can get any simpler than this so if you are a person who likes simple things, maybe this is for you!

toilet signage design

Are you a science freak? Or a big fan of Leonardo da Vinci? Or just think this looks cool because we sure do!

toilet signage design

This is probably one of the easy (and funny) ways to explain that it is a toilet without having a language barrier in the way. Such a creative toilet signage!

toilet signage design

Very relatable, more than we’d like to admit. Maybe we should get it for ourselves.

toilet signage design

If you like your things classy, then this is for you very classy ladies and gentlemen.

toilet signage design

How many times can we see toilet signs with their aurah covered? Not very often.

toilet signage design

For those who are fans of the truth and honesty, because this toilet sign states nothing but facts!

toilet signage design

Who said that signs should only be simple and minimal? Sometimes to put in a little bit of attitude and identity is the way to go.

toilet signage design

Very simple and carry meaning. Absolutely minimal too which is great!

toilet signage design

Even superheroes need toilet break sometimes, we agree.

toilet signage design

For our art and fashion lovers, this is probably for you.

toilet signage design

This will definitely suit a place with a minimalist and clean concept.

Now that we have gone through multiple designs of toilet signs, we can all agree that details matter, and yes that includes the design you have to choose for your toilet!

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