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16+ Safety Signage Malaysia You Ought To Know

Safety signage, which is also known as a safety sign or safety signboard provides information about safety or health. Most of the time, we can see it on the road, signboard or notice board.

By understanding the types of signs and their purpose, you can determine which one of those that you need in your workplace and where to display them.

Here are several safety signs with the respective logo and meaning.

Types of Safety Sign

In this article, three types of safety signs will be discussed and they are as follows: 

Instruction Signs

This type of sign is to instruct on what can’t be done or what must be done. 

Prohibition Signs

This sign is to instruct or tell people that they are not allowed to do certain things. It is usually designed with a red circle and a straight line in the middle of it, crossing the thing you can’t do. 

Some examples of this safety signage would be to tell people that they can’t smoke or can’t enter private property in certain areas.

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are put up to instruct or tell people that they must do something around certain areas. It is usually fabricated in a white symbol on a blue circle, on a white background.

These signs are also usually accompanied by, or just have word instructions in black on the white background.

Some examples would be to either tell people to wear foot protection, eye protection, or hearing protection in certain areas.

Hazard Signs

This type of sign is to let people know that there are possible dangers in the area and to inform of those certain dangers whether it could kill or hurt you.

Danger Signs

When there are life-threatening dangers or hazardous situations around and you want to alert people, there is where this sign is needed.

It is usually made with the word DANGER in white on top of the red oval, on top of the black rectangle. 

The specific alert such as “DO NOT ENTER” or “HIGH VOLTAGE” will be included under that in black on a white background. All of the words will be in bold and capital letters.

Warning Signs 

When the dangers around are not life-threatening, this type of sign (Warning Signs) will let people know that they could still get hurt.

The design would usually be a black symbol or pictogram in a black triangle with words such as “SLIPPERY WHEN WET” under it, all on a yellow background.

Informative Signs

This last type of sign is informative signs to let people know of the direction or location of certain safety tools or facts around the area if something goes wrong.

Emergency Information Signs

When something bad happens and people need instant or emergency fixation, this is a sign for that. Some of the safety tools that this sign is made of include first aid kits.

These signs are commonly fabricated as white symbols or pictographs, with white words on a green background. Example alerts would be “FIRST AID KIT” or “EMERGENCY PHONE”.

Fire Signs

When something or someplace is on fire, it is very helpful to have a fire extinguisher around and this sign is made to let people know where it is put.

Designed with white symbol or pictogram and words on a red background, this sign will be easy to see during emergencies and panic thus fire can be put out as soon as possible.

By using the standard safety signs, that would help the people in the area to be aware of it and thus obey the signs respectively.

18 Safety Signage You Ought To Know

1. Medical Safety Signs: This is to keep your staff and patients safe by telling them important safety information, be aware of possible hazards and avoid accidents.

2. Construction Site Signs: This is to make sure the workers and the public remain safe when they are in or nearby constructions work sites.

3. Hand Washing Signs: This is to remind people to wash their hands. It can be placed in a restaurant or hospitals and clinics where hygiene is very important.

4. Confined Space Safety Signs: This is to make sure that the access to confined spaces is exclusive to permit holders.

5. Warehouse Safety Signs: This is to inform people about your warehouse on the capacities, clearances, and many more.

6. Personal Protection Signs: This is to inform the staffs of the requirement to wear personal protective equipment.

7. Chemical Hazard Signs: This is to inform on the possible chemical dangers in the area.

8. Electrical Safety Signs: This is to alert people on high voltage areas and possible electrical hazards and ESD.

9. Machine Safety Signs: This is to remind the workers to always be attentive to avoid the possible dangers when using the machines.

10. Health Hazard Signs: This is to alert people on possible dangers that can cause health problems.

11. Forklift Signs: This is to help keep your forklift area safe for everyone and avoid possible dangers.

12. Watch Your Step Signs: This is to remind people to always be mindful of their steps to avoid slips, trips, or falls in the area.

13. Flammable Materials Signs: This is to avoid possible trauma due to fires or explosions from flammable elements.

14. Safety Awareness Signs: This is to remind the staff to always be safe around the job area.

15. Keep Away Signs: This is to warn people to not enter certain areas without permission.

16. Medical Equipment Signs: This is to alert people on the possible dangers that can be caused by medical equipment.

17. Medical PPE Signs: This is to make sure the staffs remain safe by reminding them of this type of sign.

18. Truck Safety Signs: This is to let the truck drivers know of the policies when they park at loading docks and delivery areas.

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