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9 Type of Lightbox Signage Available In The Market

One of the most effective ways to promote your business to the people is by having a lightbox signboard about your products.

Having that might be the factor that could attract customers to your store because it shows professionalism, success and quality of your business.

In this article, we are going to explain the details, reasons you should get it and the types of the lightbox.

Let’s dive right in.

What’s A Lightbox Signage?

Display Supply signage

The purpose of lightbox signage is to illuminate graphic displays as it is created with an outer frame and a graphic.

It can be specified in sizes from 200mm2 to 50m wide from ultra-slim to large-format. 

To support the graphic display, you should know that the final size of the graphic required impacts upon how strong the frame needs to be.

This can be achieved in a range of depths by using aluminium profiles which are purpose-built to provide rigidity at the same time as being designed to house graphics.

Advertising light box signs for outdoor usage are made of the combination of Aluminum, Acrylic and Lexan materials.

These materials are not only visually appealing but also are an ideal promotional tool.

Lightbox signage also provides 24/7 visibility of your store and it is a good way to tell the world about your brand.

If you have a logo, make sure you put it so that people will eventually recognise your brand.

Which Lightbox Signage Suits My Company?

Over the years, lightbox signage has been used by businesses to attract customers and it has been proved effective.

Your business is probably doing well at the moment and you’re looking to elevate the look of your store.

In this section, we are going to give you some tips on choosing the most suitable lightbox signage for your store.

  1. Box-up designs

Firstly, decide whether you want a 3D effect on your sign.

Usually, box-up designs are commonly front lit, backlit, front-back lit and can be customized using vinyl stickers in multiple ways.

What will the stickers give you? Your business will get a branded look and whatever logo design that you give the sign maker will be matched.

  1. Choose floating letters or logo

If you have decided on going with a 3D look, you must now choose the suitable backdrop for your sign by choosing floating letters or logos mounted on a platform.

The backlit effect is the one nice effect you can add when you have your sign mounted on a metal or acrylic platform.

Choosing this effect will create a glow around the sign and at night it will look magnificent. 

  1. Check restrictions 

Before you start investing in lightbox signage, it is crucial to check the types that you can and can’t use for your store.

For example, in a mall, there might be certain types of signages that are not allowed because in most cases, they have their own guidelines.

So, do not spend a huge amount of money on signage just to be told that it is prohibited. Check the restrictions in your areas.

Quick, What Are The Positive Features of Lightbox Signage?

  1. Attractive

Without any effort, people can notice your store because it is eye-catching for people, so there’s no chance they will miss your sign.

One issue that you can resolve is low visibility which means you are able to attract customers because your store stands out.

  1. Brand identity
Fonts Logo » McDonald's Logo Font

To increase customers’ awareness about your brand, you should have a logo that is easy to remember or in other words ‘iconic’. 

An example that you can see are fast-food restaurants where people can easily recognise their logos without having to check their names.

  1. Look professional

This is also a way of convincing your customers to do business with you.

The first source of communication with your customers is the signage. That is why you should leave an impression of a professional company, to make them choose you among others.

  1. Non-stop advertising

Without a doubt, advertising is important for any kind of business. 

Having lightbox signage allows your business to be visible all the time whether it’s day or night.

  1. Mark your area
Welcome to My VCG Website

When passing by a building, people will never guess about the existence of such a company.

You can inform everyone about your business with lightbox signage, by placing it in a prime location that cannot be avoided.

  1. Leave an impression

People will not think about using the services you offer if the appearance of your company does not look appealing. 

If people see a poor looking sign or don’t see a sign at all, then chances of them entering your establishment get lower.

Having lightbox signage can help transfer the right emotions to the customer, such as friendliness, professionalism and confidence. 

  1. Double-sided visibility

There is no chance that your sign will remain unnoticed because lightbox signage is that they can be both one and double-sided. 

People will notice your logo from both sides of the street.

  1. Low-cost and energy efficiency 

Lightboxes are an investment of a lifetime. LED Illuminated Signs last way longer than those with fluorescent or Neon lights, to be more precise, 2-4 times more.

They also use less power than regular light bulbs and save about 90% of energy and money as well.

You will need to replace the bulbs very seldom which will save a lot of time, money and effort.

9 Type of Lightbox Signage Available In The Market

  1. Acrylic Lightbox
acrylic lightbox signage
  1. Fabric Lightbox
  1. Crystal Lightbox or Acrylic LED Snap Frame
crystal lightbox
  1. Laser Cut Lightbox
  1. Magnetic Lightbox
  1. Slim Lightbox or LED Snap Frame
slim led lightbox
  1. Standee Lightbox
  1. Standard Lightbox
  1. Outdoor Banner Lightbox


By including lightbox signage, you will definitely see a difference it could make to your business.

This is another step forward in making your business grow and help to establish it.

If your business can afford it, hurry up and put on lightbox signage!

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