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Billboard Malaysia: Do and Don’t For Billboard Advertising

Are you looking to advertise your business using billboard advertising in Malaysia? Are you new to this method? Is this your first time? Worry not as this article will guide you through it.

Billboard advertising can bring a lot of benefits to your company but if it is not done right, it could cost you loss too so keep reading to avoid the later outcome and to know about the dos and the don’ts!

What is Billboard?

Another name for it would be outdoor advertising but it does not necessarily mean it would be outdoor as it can also be placed in buildings such as malls. 

Billboard advertising is a good way to reach a bigger audience as people go past it regularly. Unlike in the media, it can’t be tuned off. Maybe people can ignore for once or twice, but not everyday!

As we live in the tech world, billboard advertisements can also be in interactive form which can attract more people and contain more messages too. Just be creative, or find someone to do it.

Just like everything else, there are ways to benefit big time through this type of advertising. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Types of Billboard Advertising

  • 96 Sheets

This type is among most popular and widely used billboards. 96 is about the layout and how it will be presented. If you prefer a huge advertisement with a big effect, this would be the best choice. 

It is actually two pieces of 48 sheets put together and the standard measurements are 10ft x 40ft and 11ft x 41ft. The rental space can go from RM2,500 to RM5,000 monthly per billboard.

  • Unipoles/Spectacular

It is most effective to be put at highways or areas with a lot of potential audience. Spectacular is when it is customised to be more attractive. It costs from RM20,000 to RM100,000 monthly.

  • City Star

This version can cost from RM120,000 for a 26-faces space monthly and RM65,000 for a 13-faces space monthly. As it is not too big, it is suitable to be put on sidewalks or in towns.

  • Metrolite

billboard malaysia

This billboard is very effective despite being 2m square at size as it is commonly put around pedestrians, commuters and people who use public transport.

It can cost around RM35,000 for a 14-faces design monthly and can reach a large audience when it is placed at high traffic locations as it is seen every day and that can influence people.

  • Bus Shelter

Almost similar like Metrolite, this type of advertising also benefits from people who take public transports. It cost about RM12,000 per month for every shelter for a 5 to 12 panel.

Do’s of Billboard Advertising in Malaysia

  • Not too wordy

Try to limit it to eight words, even better if it is less than that. It would be good to be between six to eight words. If it is more than that, people won’t probably catch your message.

This is because billboards are usually placed at the areas where people walk past and to catch their attention, it should be made to be as simple as it can.

  • Be noticed

A good version, not the kind that will cause bad things such as accidents to happen. As it is usually put in public areas, it should not disturb them from carrying out their lives.

  • Innovative, creative and humorous

Since you are paying for it, make sure it is impactful enough to stay in people’s minds for a long time. Among the ways you could do so is by creating those that are unique, creative and funny.

  • Less is more

Do you think people have time to read your informative essay about your business? Hint: no, they don’t. So your billboard should grab someone’s attention in a flash.

Don’ts of Outdoor Billboard Malaysia

  • Don’t hover with too much content

Even though the advertisement is to promote your company, don’t put too many details. If you want to direct them to you, just put the platforms used and not all the emails and numbers.

  • Don’t try to be to clever

Usually it will fail miserably, and that won’t benefit anyone. Create something that is short, simple, and easy to understand. The goal is to attract people, not be the next funniest person!

  • Think About the Placement

The area to place your advertisement is crucial as it must suit the thing you want to promote and it can deliver the purpose. 

Why Choose Pro-Sign Advertising Sdn Bhd?

  1. Their Products

They offer you 12 different types of products and services for you to choose from such as:

• Lightbox (9 variations)

• 3d Signage (12 variations)

• Neon Signage (2 variations)

• Led Light (3 variations)

• Panel (4 variations)

• Mural Painting

• Printing Signage (9 variations)

• Signage Maintenance 

• Aluminium Signboard (2 variations)

• Billboard

• Road Signage (3 variations)

• Building Lighting

As can be seen from the 12 varieties of products and services, they provide even more choices by giving you more variations for most of them.

  1. We Work Efficiently

Interested to know what a tip-top service feels like? With them, it is possible because they will take care of it all and all the process for you is quote, production, delivery! That’s simple!

A more detailed process is as follows: 

1. Send your drawing

2. Contact them ( or 012 3332474)

3. Quotation will be reverted to you

4. Upon confirmation, proceed with deposit payment

5. Production

6. Delivery or installation

7. Remaining payment

  1. Our Service and Free Quotation

Who says window shopping can only be done through online shopping? You can get it from them too! Don’t hesitate to ask them for a quotation, because it is FREE OF CHARGE!

As they care deeply for their clients, they will listen attentively to your budgets and needs but at the same time advise accordingly to make sure you are getting only the best service.

billboard malaysia prosign

Not only that, they also only use premium materials to produce the best quality of signage and at such a reasonable price too! They will make sure it will be worth it with the quality delivered. 

Besides that, they also value their customers’ time thus why they will respond to any enquiry within 72 hours and provide quotation within 7 working days. Super fast and convenient!

Fast installation is also guaranteed ranging from four to ten working days depending on the signage size.

As one of the established and skilled signage and signboard companies in Malaysia, they are determined to only give the best services to their clients.

  1. They Are A Trusted Brand

One of the signs of a trusted brand is to be believed in and indeed, they are trusted by their past clients. Feel free to scroll through their website for proofs, and you might fall for them too!

Plus, some of their frequent customers trust them so much, they are willing to proceed with the quotation without any question as they know and trust the quality that ProSign provides!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a company to deal about billboard signs, or any sign for that matter, make sure to check Pro-Sign Advertising out as it is indeed, one of the best.

With such premium quality of products and services, as well as their reasonable price, you should not wait any longer and contact them now! 

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