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What Makes 3D Signage Strikingly Beautiful

Some shops still have problems in getting people to notice their signage. But did you know that if you switch to a 3D signage board, your problems can be solved almost instantly?

If you choose your boards well, you can attract more customers to your shop. Interested to know? Here’s how.

What Makes 3D Signage Strikingly Beautiful?

3D signage

One of the main strategies to get your business going is to get people to notice the existence of it thus why marketing happens.

Marketing can be done in various ways such as through flyers, posters, media advertisements, and signboards. Among the types of boards in the market, 3D is one of the striking ones.

Among the reasons that make 3D signage and 3D signage letters stand out from the rest are:

  • Observable

Most signage will disappear when the night comes without the help from light but not 3D signs. This is because they pop out so they are very visible even during the night.

  • Get Your Message Straight

To be able to capture the targeted audience’s attention, signs must first be very attractive or unique to get people to look. With 3D signage, it will attract people’s attention.

  • Rainy Day? No Problem!

As is it just as any normal sign, just in 3D format, you do not have to worry about the weather as it will not affect it. This also means that the maintenance fee is not as high.

  • Are You Serious Of Your Marketing? Show it!

By choosing a signboard that is unique and different will not only attract people to your business but will also show them how serious you are about your business.

To show that you take time to pick out a design already shows that you take it seriously and that is important for people to know that the business is handled with passion.

That is one of the ways people can tell if you are going to do the job seriously, by judging how you handle your business.

  • Be Different

With numerous types of businesses offering all kinds of service, it would do a great help to be different to be able to stand out from the rest.

3d signage

There are various ways to be different, good and bad, but one of the ways is to utilise 3D signage. This type of sign is both different and not too weird.

Maybe you should give 3D signage a chance in promoting and assist your business to stand out from the rest. There are various types to choose from. Continue reading to learn more!

Types of 3D Signage You Can Choose

3d signage

  • 3D HDU Signs: High-Density Urethane (HDU) foam signage is stable, light, waterproof, and cheap. It is also very flexible for custom dimensional shapes such as wood.
  • 3D signage acrylic: This type is usually placed indoors especially lobbies. Not only is it both versatile and elegant-looking, you can also choose it in almost any colour.
  • 3D Wood Signs: Classic wood sign always looks exclusive and these days, this type of sign is made stronger and can last longer. 
  • Dimensional Cast Metal Plaques: This kind of sign is always custom made for professional settings as it just brings the prestige look with it. Metal signage can also last longer.
  • Three-Dimensional Plastic Letters: Prefer something that is cheap and can last longer? This is it! Besides being so versatile, there are also various colours to choose from.
  • 3D Metal Letters: Metal is always known for its durability and among the usual types used for this are aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel.

All in all, be bold and be different for your business with 3D signage that will not only stand out, but also attract more customers!

If you are already looking for a company to deal with, allow us to recommend one of the best places to create your dream 3D signage in Malaysia that is with ProSign!

From road signs, speed limit signs, to road names sign, they do it all! Wonder the types of 3D signage that they have? The list is as follows:

  • 3D box up led light with back lit
  • 3D box up led light with crystalized front lit
  • 3D box up led light with front back lit
  • 3D box up led light with front lit
  • 3D box up led light with marquee bulbs
  • 3D cut outs letterings
  • 3D fibreglass mould letterings
  • 3D printed box up letterings
  • 3D aluminum box up
  • 3D EG steel box up
  • 3D stainless steel box up
  • 3D gold stainless steel box up

There are indeed a lot to choose from, whichever suits your business best. The process to work with them is easy to that is to:

Send your drawing
Contact them (prosign2005@gmail.com or 012 3332474)
Quotation will be reverted to you
Upon confirmation, proceed with deposit payment
Delivery or installation
Remaining payment

They also offer a quotation that is free of charge. Yes you heard that right, it is free!

As professionals that care for their clients, they will learn about your budgets and needs but at the same time will also advise accordingly to make sure you are getting the best service.
Not only that, they also use premium materials to produce only the best quality of signage, with the best price too. They will ensure that it will be worth it with the quality that they provide.

Besides that, they also value their customers’ time that is why they will respond to all enquiries within 72 hours and provide the quotation as soon as possible within 7 working days.

As one of the best signage and signboard companies, they promise to only give the best services thus fast installation is also guaranteed ranging from four to ten working days.

To conclude, if you are looking for a company to help you design and make your dream sign, give Pro-Sign Advertising a chance as it is one of the best companies in Malaysia.

With such premium quality of products and services, as well as their reasonable price, what are you waiting for? If you want to see how they do our signages, check out their Instagram here.

Visit this page or contact them here and get your consultation now!

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