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4 Top Reasons To Choose This Signboard Design Company

Signboard design is one of the crucial elements in signboards. Luckily for us, to look for companies for signboard design in Malaysia is not as hard as it was 10 years ago.

In actuality, a signboard offers more than just capturing people’s attention. Signboards are basically any type of graphic display made to provide information to people. 

This is why it is important to choose the best company to provide the best signboard design ideas for your signboards as it will affect your company and business.

Read this article to know the top four reasons why Pro-Sign will make your signboard stand out from the rest.

Let’s start now.

As one of the established and skilled signage and signboard companies in Malaysia, Pro-Sign Advertising Sdn Bhd is determined to only give the best services to our clients.

signboard design

Not only are we experimental in finding the best ingredients to make the perfect signage, but we are also up to date with the current trend and technology to produce only the best products.

Was established for more than 20 years, Pro-Sign sticks to the company philosophy that is to guarantee all the signage and services fulfils the customers’ hope and contentment.

This philosophy is kept by producing the best quality, one of kind signage, and of course in the timeline provided. It is our most sacred goal to serve only the best to our clients.

Now let’s proceed to what we can provide to you and your company, as well as what makes us the best in the game.

Our Products and Services

We offer you 12 different types of products and services for you to choose from. Sign bright like a diamond (pun intended) with LED Light, or any other signboards such as:

  • Lightbox (9 variations)
  • 3d Signage (12 variations)
  • Neon Signage (2 variations)
  • Led Light (3 variations)
  • Panel (4 variations)
  • Mural Painting
  • Printing Signage (9 variations)
  • Signage Maintenance 
  • Aluminium Signboard (2 variations)
  • Billboard
  • Road Signage (3 variations)
  • Building Lighting

As can be seen from the 12 different products and services, we provide even more choices by giving you more variations for most of them. 

We Work Efficiently

signboard design

Ever wonder how does it feel to receive a tip-top service? With us, no need to wonder because you will experience it! Quote, production, delivery! That’s simple!

But a more detailed process is as follows: 

  1. Send your drawing
  2. Contact us ( or 012 3332474)
  3. The quotation will be reverted to you
  4. Upon confirmation, proceed with a deposit payment
  5. Production
  6. Delivery or installation
  7. Remaining payment

Our Service and Free Quotation

Who says window shopping can only be done through online shopping? You can get it from us too! Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quotation, it is FREE OF CHARGE. 

As professionals that care for our clients, we will listen attentively to your budgets and needs but at the same time, we will advise accordingly to make sure you are getting only the best service.

Not only that, we also only use premium materials to produce the best quality of signage and at such a reasonable price too. We’ll make sure it will be worth it with the quality we provide. 

Besides that, we also value our customers’ time thus why we will respond to any enquiry within 72 hours and provide a quotation within 7 working days. 

Fast installation is also guaranteed ranging from four to ten working days depending on the signage size.

As one of the established and skilled signages and signboard companies in Malaysia, we are determined to only give the best services to our clients.

We are also determined to have and maintain good partnerships and relationships with all of our main suppliers and clients.

We Are A Trusted Brand

signboard design

One of the signs of a trusted brand is to be believed in and indeed, we are trusted by our past clients. Feel free to scroll through our website for proofs, and you might fall for us too!

Some signs that make us know that we are really trusted by our customers include when they are so happy with the products, they make sure we know and are able to share our feelings too.

Furthermore, some of our frequent customers trust us so much, they are willing to proceed with the quotation without any question as they know and trust our quality.

In conclusion, if you are researching signboard design for your shop, make sure to check Pro-Sign Advertising out as it is one of the best companies for signboard design in Malaysia.

With such premium quality of products and services, as well as their reasonable price, it would be a shame to let this gem of a company slip through your hands. 

So what are you waiting for? Visit this page for the details or

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